Welcome to sanny Uzbekistan!!! On the URAL Sidecar Motorcycle!

In this tour we will go by Ural sidecar motorcycles on the route of the Great Silk Way which for many centuries ago led through Central Asia. Like ancient merchants we go through the Great Silk Way to its centre – mysterious Uzbekistan

- Oriental bazaars of Samarkand like 1000 years ago

- Endless juicy fruits and unique Uzbek pilaf

- Overnights in ancient caravanserais of Silk Way and famous madrassa

- Bukhara City-tale and its artisans

- Hot embrace of Kyzyl-Kum desert

and much more are on the retro-bikes Ural with a sidecar in the bright tour - the Silk Way!

P.S. Own bike or rent car 4x4 is also possible for this tour. We visit the most famous historical centers of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz. Some of these cities are included in UNESKO. The age of some cities is more than 2500 years old. It is a real exotic!

NOTE. We do not describe on our website some places and roads which is commercial secret and exclusive part of our itinerary. But you will see it!

Date: 01.10.2018 - 14.10.2018
Duration: 14 travel days, 12 riding days
Country: Uzbekistan
Start/Finish: Tashkent. Capital city of Uzbekistan.
Total Distance: 2200 km
Bikes: Ural side car
Roads: 1-0% is tarmac road.
Accommodation: twin room in hotel (10 nights), guesthouse (2 nights), yurt (1 nights).
Group size: min 2 and max 4 riders.


Price - contact us
Tour price includes: bike including fuel, car support, tour-leader on the bike, all stays, all meals, water and soft drinks, evening beer, all entry fees, airport transfer, SilkOffRoad souvenirs.
Tour price excludes: damage of motorcycle, single room, flights, visas and visa support, insurance

Requirements: readiness to have unbelievable adventure with lots of surprises on the way, physical strength and pure optimism, good riding skills (especially the experience of driving on the sand), respect laws and culture of local people.




1. Tashkent.

Arrival in Tashkent, transfer, accomondation in hotel. City tour. Going sightseeing and acquaintance with the escort team and the rest tour’s participants. Overnight at the Hotel.

2. Tashkent - Jizzakh

Morning departure from Tashkent to Jizzakh. Overnight at the Hotel.

3. Jizzakh - Shakhrisabz 

Morning departure from Jizzakh to Shakhrisabz. Shakhrisabz was founded over 2,700 years ago. The ancient inhabitants of the city - Sogdians were known for their handicrafts, commerce and high culture. The historic city center is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Visit: Aksaray - the palace of Timur (1380), the mausoleum of Sheikh Shamsadov-Din, the mausoleum Gumbazi-Seyidan Mosque of the Kok-Gumbaz. Overnight at the Shakhrisabz guesthouse.

4. Shakhrisabz - Bukhara

TBreakfast. Then we go from Shakhrisabz to Bukhara. Bukhara - one of the oldest cities in the world. Age of Bukhara over 2500 years. Overnight the guesthouse - madrasah built 300 years ago.

5. Bukhara

After breakfast we go sightseeing with the guide. Here we can see the historical monuments of Bukhara:
• Arq fortress
• Poi-Kalyan architectural ensemble
• Ulugbek Medrese
• Abdullaziz khan Medrese
• Lyabi-house ensample
• Magoki Attori Muslim
Overnight the guesthouse

6. Bukhara - Ayaz Kala fortress

Morning departure Bukhara to Ayaz Kala fortress. We will drive on our Ural sidecar and cross the Kyzylkum desert. Visit the ancient fortress. Overnight at the yurt camp.

7. Ayaz Kala fortress - Khiva

In the morning we will continue to ride Ural motorcycles. Departure Ayaz Kala fortress go to Khiva. Khiva is a pearl of Khorezm oasis. The ancient city of a fairy tale. The Khiva city is open air museum. Overnight guest house.

8. Khiva

Today rest day. We will visit historical monuments of Khiva:
• The Kalta Minar minaret
• The Juma Mosque
• Madrassah of Muhammad Amin Khan
In the evening you will have a chance to taste Eastern dishes.
Overnight guest house.

9. Khiva - Bukhara

We will continue our Ural motorbike tour. Departure Khiva go to Bukhara. Overnight at the Hotel of Eastern style.

10. Bukhara - Samarqand

We have to leave beautiful Bukhara and go to ancient Samarqand. Overnight at the Hotel of Eastern style.

11. Samarqand.

Today our motorcycles rest, and we are immersed in the ancient city of Samarkand. Samarkand witnessed the time of Alexander Makedonsky, occupation of great Chingyz khan and Timur the Lame, possessing a mix of different cultures. Magical city! In 2001 year Samarkand was included in the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO. Our city tour will be divided in two parts and we will need no bikes for that. Before the lunch time you will visit: Gur-Amir mausoleum and Registan square. And after, real pilaf for lunch – national Uzbek meal, the crown jewel of Uzbekistan kitchen. The hottest time of the day we are going to spend in a hotel and continue our excursions visiting Bib-Khanummosque and Samarkand bazaar. Shashlyk for the diner and beer of Samarkand brewery works for drinks. Overnight at the Hotel of Eastern style.

12. Samarqand - Jizzakh

In the morning we will continue our Ural sidecar tour. Today we are leaving Samarqand and go to Jizzakh. Overnight at the Hotel.

13. Jazzakh - Tashkent

After breakfast we go to Tashkent. Celebration dinner Overnight at the Hotel.

14. Tashkent


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