The Altai Mountains are a mountain range in Central and East Asia, where Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan come together. The name "Altai" means "Gold Mountain" in Mongolian. The Altai Mountains are the most attractive part of those countries where it is located. The tour begins with the Kazakh Altai, the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk. Then we will drive to Russia’s Altai  along the famous Chuisky highway, and of course the main part of the route will pass through western Mongolia where the beauty of pure nature and the unchanged life of nomads will tear you away from your civilization. Pure lakes and rivers, warm nomadic yurts, diverse landscapes and roads await you on this tour.

We do not describe on our website some places and roads which is commercial secret and exclusive part of our itinerary. But you will see it!


Date: 02.08.2020 - 15.08.2020
Duration: 17 travel days, 15 riding days
Country: Kazakhstan - Russia - Mongoila
Start/Finish: Ust-Kamenigirsk city. Eastern Kazakhstan
Total Distance: 3200 km
Bikes:  Suzuki DR650.
Roads: about 60% is tarmac road. Other 40% is gravel, dusty roads.
Accommodation: twin room in hotel, guesthouse,yurt, tent.
Group size: min 6 and max 10 riders.


Price - contact us
Tour price includes: bike including fuel, car support, tour-leader on the bike, all stays, all meals, water and soft drinks, evening beer, all entry fees, airport transfer, SilkOffRoad souvenirs.
Tour price excludes: damage of motorcycle, single room, flights, visas and visa support, insurance

Requirements: readiness to have unbelievable adventure with lots of surprises on the way, physical strength and pure optimism, good riding skills (especially the experience of driving on the sand), respect laws and culture of local people.






1. Ust-Kamenogorsk city. (Eastern Kazakhstan)
Transfer from airport to hotel. City tour. Dinner. Overnight hotel.
2. Ust-Kamenogorsk (KZ) – Border crossing -Savushka lake (RU). 250 km.
Start tour. The Kazakh – Russian border crossing. Overnight tent camp on the lake Savushka.
3. Savushka lake – Manzherok city. 428 km.
Visiting the Kalashnikov Museum. Riding on various roads through the beautiful forests of Altai . Arrival in the Manzherok tourist city of Altai. Overnight in tourist base.
4. Manzherok city – Kosh-Agash village. 400 km
We drive along the Chy highway -famous road of Altai mountain. Overnight in the guesthouse.
5. Aktash village –Border crossing - Olgiy town. Mongolia. 260 km
The Russian - Mongolia border crossing. Arrival Olgiy town. Overnight hotel.
6. Olgiy town – Uureg Nuur Lake (or Ulangom town). 270 km
Riding on various roads. Visit Achit Nur Lake. Overnight in yurt near Uuren Nuur lake
7. Uureg Nuur Lake - Ulangom town – Khyargas Nur Lake. 210 km
Riding on various roads. Overnight tent.
8. – Khyargas Nur Lake – Hovd town. 230 km
Riding on various roads. Overnight hotel.
9. Hovd town – Olgiy town. 260 km
Riding on various roads. Overnight hotel.
10. Olgiy town - Hoton Nur Lake. 150 km
Riding on various roads. Overnight tent.
11. Hoton Nur Lake - Border crossing -Kosh-Agash village. 300 km
Crossing Russian - Mongolia border. Arrival in Kosh Agash village. Overnight in guesthouse.
12. Kosh-Agash village – Katu-Yaryk pass - Teletskoe lake. 200 km
Visit Katu Yaryk pass. Riding along the river Chulyshman Overnight tourist base.
13. Teletskoe lake - Aktash village. 190 km
Overnight tourist camp.
14. Aktash village - Ust’ Kan village. 260 km
Riding on various roads through the beautiful forests of Altai. Overnight tent.
15. Ust’ Kan village – Savushka lake. 320
Riding on various roads through the beautiful forests of Altai. Overnight tent.
16. Savushka lake – Ust-Kamenogorsk. 250 km
The Kazakh – Russian border crossing.
17. Departures