the Mysterious Ustyurt enduro motorcycle tourDo you want to see and ride on a motorbike through the Martian landscape on the Earth? Then welcome to the Mysterious Ustyurt enduro motorcycle tour!

About 20 million years ago, here was an ocean. Now this mysterious desert which many years ago has become a haven for ancient Sufi ascetics. It is a completely new place on the map of unusual and mysterious places on the Earth.

Therefore, we proudly present to you absolutely new exclusive route in the global menu of motorcycle tours in the world. What you will see in this tour?

You will ride on motorbikes in Karagiye Depression at the bottom of a dried-up ocean (-132 meters below sea level) where maybe you find the remains of ancient sea creatures (shells, bones and teeth of sharks). We will spend the night canyon Bozzhirau surrounded by fantastic cliffs up to 200 meters. We will visit the Valley of Balls where stone balls scattered like peas. Nobody know where did they come from. We will visit the old underground Sufi mosques Shopan-Ata and Shakpak-Ata. We will visit the holy Sharkala mountain which seemed enormous UFO sticking out of a smooth landscape of the steppe. We will visit the Zhygylgan collapse and Blue Bay on the beautiful Caspian Sea. And, of course we will spend some nights in tent sitting by the fire under the bright stars!

P.S. We do not describe some places and roads on our website because it is exclusive part of our itinerary and commercial secret.

Date:  28.09.2019 - 07.10.2019  (the group is open, Welcome!)
Duration: 10 travel days, 8 riding days
Country: West of Kazakhstan. Mangistau region.
Start/Finish: Aktau
Total Distance: 1500 km
Bikes: Suzuki DR650SE
Roads: about 70% - sand, gravel, dusty steppe roads, country roads, dirt roads. About 40% -asphalt roads
Accommodation:twin room in hotels (5 nights), tents camp (4 nights)
Group size: min 4 and max 10 riders. 2 seats for passenger in car support.


Price - contact us
Tour price includes: bike including fuel, car support, tour-leader on the bike, all stays, all meals, water and soft drinks, evening beer, all entry fees, airport transfer, SilkOffRoad souvenirs.
Tour price excludes: damage of motorcycle, single room, flights, visas and visa support, insurance
Requirements: readiness to have unbelievable adventure with lots of surprises on the way, physical strength and pure optimism, good riding skills (especially the experience of driving on the sand), respect laws and culture of local people.




1. Aktau

Arriving to Aktau. Transfer. Check-in. Aktau is the beautiful city on Caspian Sea of West Kazakhstan. Meeting with an support team, get briefed and check the motorbikes. Dinner in restaurant. Overnight hotel.

2. Aktau - Bozzhira canyon

We leave Aktau. We make our first stop at an the Janauzen city to take permits for Ustyurt nature park. Our motorbike tour enter into in Ustyurt endless landscape and later on we visit Shopan- Ata ancient underground mosque where to get a blessing from local mullah for our good journey. Overnight in tents surrounded by fantastic Bozzhirau canyons.

3. Bozzhire canyon - Three Batyrs mountain (Karyn Zharyk depression)

Early in the morning we will do trekking on the rocks of the canyon to see the fantastic gorge and make unique pictures. We will pass on our motorbikes along the edge of the Ustyurt plateau where you will enjoy fantastic scenery make a variety of unique pictures. Overnight tent with view on Three Batyrs mountains.

4. Three Batyrs mountain - Janauzen town.

Today we continue our enduro tour passing different offroad landscape. We arrive to Janauzen town of oilmen. Take relax with beer in the nice hotel.

5. Janauzen town - Aktau city.

We leave Janauzen and head towards the Caspian sea. On our way we make stop to see an KARAGIYE depression (-132m). Then we will go to Aktau along the wild sandy beach of Caspian Sea. Overnight at hotel.

6. Aktau city - Sharkala mountain

We continue our motorcycle tour on the Mangistau region and go to north. On our way we visit Beket-Ata mountain mosque with small museum. Then we make stop Jairakty mountain and then we will arrive to Sharkala mysterious mountain. Overnight in tent at the foot of the mountain.

7. Sharkala mountain - Bautino town (Fort Shevchenko)

We leave Sharkala and go to Valley stone balls -no less strange place where is spherical stones are scattered throughout the valley. Next we visit Shakpak Ata(X–XIII) underground mosque - a rare phenomenon in the history of Asian Sufism. In the evening we will arrive in the seaport of Bautino village. Overnight in hotel.

8. Bautino town - Caspian Sea (Blue Bay)

On this day, we will go along the edge of the peninsula Mangistau where dominant will see boundless Caspian Sea and we stand on the edge of the cliff at the very point of the peninsula. Make a stop at the holy spring Tamshaly - incredible underground oasis in the desert. Next we visit most amazing place on Caspian the Jigalgan that in Kazakh "Fallen Earth" where you can see apocalyptic picture Earthed collapse. Overnight tent on the shore of the blue bay of the Caspian Sea.

9. Caspian Sea - Aktau

Our great journey is about to finish; full of unforgettable feelings we are going back to the most beautiful city of Caspian Sea – Aktau. We will celebrate our successful tour in local bar, where you will be given souvenirs. And after, let the party begin!

10. Aktau.

Departure to home.

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