TAJIKISTAN. PAMIR HIGHWAY. MOTORCYCLE TOUR Do you want ride a motorcycle on the "Roof of the World"? Welcome to the PAMIR motorcycle tour in Tajikistan!!!

Tajikistan is most small country in the Central Asia but it has most high amazing mountains and hospitable people.

To see the Pamir was previously almost impossible, because most of part of the Pamir was closed border zone. And to this day it requires a special pass.

But now the Pamir is open and you have unique opportunity to touch the silent valleys, mighty mountains and breathtaking mountain passes of the Pamir Highway road legendary!

On our reliable motorcycles you pass a lot of mountain passes and see beautiful Wakhan valley. You climbing the highest pass Ak Baital (4665 meters) in Central Asian. You take a baths of Bibi Fatima Zohra holy hot spring you visit brightly colorful Fann Mountains where spend the night in tents under the stars in the open-air of International Mountaineering tourist center (IMTC) "Alaudin" and much more. You are the one who is going to experience this beautiful journey on a motorbike!

P.S. We do not describe on our website some places and roads which is commercial secret and exclusive part of our itinerary. But you will see it!


1. 09.05.2019 - 21.05.2019 (group full)

2. 13.06.2019 - 25.06.2019 (group is open, Welcome!)

Duration: 13 travel days, 10 riding days
Country: Tajikistan
Start/Finish: Dushanbe. Capital city of Tajikistan.
Total Distance: 1800 km
Bikes: Suzuki DR650
Roads: about 60% is tarmac road. Other 40% is gravel, dusty roads and old tarmac road.
Accommodation: twin room in hotel (5 nights), guesthouse (6 nights), tent (1 night).
Group size: min 5 and max 8 riders. 2 seats for passenger in car support.


Price - contact with us
Tour price includes: bike including fuel, car support, tour-leader on the bike, all stays, all meals, water and soft drinks, evening beer, all entry fees, airport transfer, SilkOffRoad souvenirs.
Tour price excludes: damage of motorcycle, single room, flights, visas and visa support, insurance
Requirements: readiness to have unbelievable adventure with lots of surprises on the way, physical strength and pure optimism, good riding skills (especially the experience of driving on the sand), respect laws and culture of local people.




1. Dushanbe

Arrival in Dushanbe. Transfer. Accommodation at the hotel. Lunch in a national restaurant. City tour: Dusty square, Tajikistan National Museum. Meeting with team support. Check motorcycles. Dinner. Overnight hotel.

2. Dushanbe - Fann Mountains. 160 km

Our motorcycles are waiting for us to start our Pamir trip! We will drive on the road (M34) leading from Dushanbe to Khujand which lift us to the Anzob pass , where we will pass through Anzob 5-kilometer tunnel. 5 kilometers of darkness and cold tickle nerves even the most daring!) By noon, we arrive at a Fann Mountains. A small part of the route will pass through mountain off-roads. But it's worth it to see small Tajik villages distant from civilization . Arrival at the Alaudin alp camp. we will make a easy trekking to Allaudin Lake overlooking the entire panorama of the Fann Mountains and Mount Chimtarga (5489m). Overnight tent camp.

3. Fann Mountains – Dushanbe. 

In the morning we will continue our motorcycle tour and visit another gorge to take beautiful views. In the evening we return to Dushanbe. Overnight hotel.

4. Dushanbe - Qal'ai Khumb. 360 km

We continue our Pamir motorcycle adventure and heading to the southern side of Tajikistan – Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous province. Today we will get very close to Afghanistan and follow its border, where Panj river will separate us several tens of meters from Afghan villages . Local people still live there the same way they used to many years ago. We will perform traditional washing fun ritual under Ali mountain waterfall on motorbikes, which is falling down the rock of 40 meters height. We are going to arrive to Qal'ai Khumb kishlak by the end of the day. Overnight guesthouse.

5. Qal'ai Khumb – Khorog. 280 km

Today we will go through legendary Pamir highway (M41) on our motorbikes , which was built in the 30-s during USSR times in order to develop Pamir area. It is one of the most unique mountain roads in the world that goes through such forbidding terrain. We are going to visit several Tajikistan kishlaks, where local people, especially local kids, will welcome you gladly with heartwarming handshakes and entertain you with different fruits. Arrive in Khorugh town. Overnight guesthouse.

6. Khorog. 
Day off and acclimatization period. Take your time. You can visit town and local bazaar.
The day will be finished with dinner at a local restaurant. Guesthouse. Overnight guesthouse.

7. Khorog– Bibi Fatima hot springs (Yamchun). 180 km

Pamir highway keeps up abrupt coast of Panj river, separating us from Afghanistan. We will climb over Yamchun fort and reach 3 200 meters altitude. Here we are going to catch an amazing view of Afghanistan valley at Wakhan Corridor and swim in the sacred waters of wonderful Bib Fatima hot spring. Overnight guesthouse.

8. Bibi Fatima hot springs(Yamchun) – Murgab. 260 km

Today we will reach kishlak Murgab – the heart of high-mountain Pamir. We won’t go down 4000 meters above sea level. Most of the way is following mountain off-roads. Hargush (4 344 m) and Nayzatash (4137 m) mountain passes, as well as endless Alichur grassing valley with a lot of yaks. By the end of the day we will reach Murgab - the highest kishlak on Pamir. Overnight hotel.

9. Murgab - Ak Baital pass (4655 m) – Murgab. 350 km

We will wake up early and we will continue Pamir motorbike tour! Be ready to go up to the highest mountain pass of ex USSR and Central Asia – Ak Baital mountain pass, 4 655 meters high. We will go over the most rugged mountains of Pamir. Ak Baital pass is the highest point of our route. We will back to the Murghab. Overnight hotel.

10. Murgab – Khorog. 311 km

Our motorbike tour is continued. But despite the fact that our path turned back toward Dushanbe we will use other roads. Today we will drive to Khorog on another part of the Pamir Highway (M41) and cross the mountain passes such as Nayzatash (4314 m), Kok-Tezek (4272 m). In the evening we arrive in Khorog. Overnight guesthouse.

11. Khorog - Qal'ai Khumb. 280 km.

Today we will drive back to our bikes along the legendary Pamir Highway (M41), which was built during the Soviet era in the 30s for the development of the Pamirs. This is one of the most unique mountain roads in the world, built in such difficult places impassable. In the evening we arrival in Qal'ai Khumb. Accommodation in a guest house.

12. Qal'ai Khumb – Dushanbe

Today we will drive to Dushanbe through the famous Tavildara road, which is part of Pamir Highway. Most of today's route will take place on the mountain off-road. But it's worth it to see the wonderful panorama Habarabad pass (3252 m). In the evening we arrive in Dushanbe.
We will celebrate our successful tour , where you will be given certificates and presents as keepsakes of the tour. Overnight at the hotel.

13. Dushanbe

We will organize transfer to Dushanbe airport according to your flight time. Thank you very much for being with us during this tour! You are always welcome here to take part in another fascinating motorcycling tour around Central Asia!

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