Central Asian Ring is exclusive adventure motorcycle tour from SilkOffRoad around Central AsiaCentral Asian Ring is exclusive adventure motorcycle tour from SilkOffRoad around Central Asia. The tour route goes over southern Kazakhstan – eastern Uzbekistan – Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, including Pamir. This motorcycling tour is a real dream for any adventure biker! One tour includes four different countries, which every single of them has its own culture and inimitable nature! You are going to visit: Samarkand – ancient city standing right on the Great Silk Road in Uzbekistan with its fantastic architecture and eastern bazaars. You will go through breathtaking mountain passes of Tajikistan and climb on legendary Pamir Highway passage of 5000 meters above sea level altitude and Wakhan valley on Afghanistan border. In Kyrgyzstan you will enjoy diverse nature of Tien-Shan Mountains with its gorgeous views and of course you will stay at amazing resorts of Issyk-Kul Lake. You won’t be able to miss Kazakhstan with its endless steppe and fantastic Charyn Canyon. You are the one who is going to experience this beautiful journey on a motorbike!

You are the one!

P.S. We do not describe on our website some places and roads which is commercial secret and exclusive part of our itinerary. But you will see it!


1. 17.06.2018 - 06.07.2018 (the group is full) 

2. 11.08.2018 - 30.08.2018 ( the group is open. Welcome!)
Duration: 20 travel days, 18 riding days
Country: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
Start/Finish: Almaty. South capital city of Kazakhstan.
Total Distance: 5000 km
Bikes:  Suzuki DR650SE. BMW F800GS is available for extra pay.
Roads: about 85% mainly tarmac. Other part is Pamirs roads with unpaved road + damaged dirt road. Twisty mountain roads.
Accommodation: twin room in hotels (9nights), resorts (3nights), guesthouse (4nights), tent camp (2 night), and common stay in yurt (1night).
Group size: min 5 and max 8 riders. 2 seats available for passengers in car support.


Price - contact with us
Tour price includes: bike including fuel, car support, tour-leader on the bike, all stays, all meals, water and soft drinks, evening beer, all entry fees, airport transfer, SilkOffRoad souvenirs.
Tour price excludes: Tour price excludes: damage of motorcycle, single room, flights, visas and visa support, insurance




1. Almaty.

Arriving to Almaty. Airport transfer to hotel. Meeting at noon for lunch in a restaurant of national food. City tour: we will visit Medeo mountain gorge with the highest sport complex in the world and a unique mud dam. After we make trip by cable way up to the Kok-Tobe mountain, where you can enjoy panoramic view of Zailyiskiy Alatau along with the city of Almaty itself. Next in the plan is a tour around the main square of city. Back to hotel. Check the bikes. Relax. Evening dinner. Overnight hotel.

2. Almaty - Shymkent. 650 km

Early wake up. Breakfast at the hotel. And off we go. Today we will have to cover on motorcycles the biggest distance of the tour – 650 kilometers. You shouldn’t be surprised since we are going through Kazakhstan – the biggest country in Central Asia and ninth worldwide , where these long intervals are nothing in a scale of its endless vast. Riding through "Western China – Western Europe” autobahn on the motorbike you will feel this pure freedom, joy and excitement like nowhere else. Overnight hotel.

3. Shymkent - Samarkand 450 km

In the morning we will continue to ride motorcycles on Central Asia. Today we will leave Kazakhstan, cross the border and enter Uzbekistan – a country of flower fields, juicy tasty fruits and ancient cities of the Silk Road. By the end of the day we will reach Samarkand, which is one of the oldest cities in the world. Over two thousand years ago Samarkand used to be the main trading center of the Great Silk Road. We will be staying in the old guesthouse that was built on the square of the ancient mausoleum of Amir Temur. Overnight guesthouse.

4. Samarkand

Today our motorcycles rest, and we are immersed in the ancient city of Samarkand. Samarkand witnessed the time of Alexander Makedonsky, occupation of great Chingyz khan and Timur the Lame, possessing a mix of different cultures. Magical city! In 2001 year Samarkand was included in the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO. Our city tour will be divided in two parts and we will need no bikes for that. Before the lunch time you will visit: Gur-Amir mausoleum and Registan square. And after, real pilaf for lunch – national Uzbek meal, the crown jewel of Uzbekistan kitchen. The hottest time of the day we are going to spend in a hotel and continue our excursions visiting Bib-Khanummosque and Samarkand bazaar. Shashlyk for the diner and beer of Samarkand brewery works for drinks. Overnight guesthouse.

5. Samarkand – Khujand. 310 km

In the morning we will continue our motorbike tour .Today we are leaving Uzbekistan with its priceless heritage and are heading to the country of rivers and gigantic mountains – Tajikistan. Country with the weakest economy in Central Asia, but with the most friendly and hospitable people. This day we finish in resort at Kairakkum Lake near Khujant city – the second biggest city of Tajikistan, which was fortified by Alexander the Great as the Southern outpost. Overnight resort.

6. Khujand - Fann Mountains 184 km

From now on we will be surrounded with diverse mountain groups. We will pass on our motorcycles through new mountain tunnel of Shahriston Pass (3378m), which is the shortcut to the Fann Mountains. Some part of the route follows tough mountain roads. But those remote tiny Tajikistan villages definitely worth it. We are going to arrive to the international alpinist camp "Vertical – Alaudin”, pitch our tents there on a green field surrounded with snowy mountains and have easy tracking to Allaudin lake, where we will make short trekking to Allaudin Lakes where enjoy gorgeous view over the Fann Mountains and Chapdara Mountain (5 049 m.a.s.l.). Overnight tent.

7. Fann Mountains – Dushanbe 160 km

Our motorbikes are waiting for us to continue the journey! Going down the Fann Mountains we will get to the road, leading to Dushanbe and mystical Anzob tunnel, which was built inside Gissar Range in 1980 year, so in the future we could save 5 hours on the road. This tunnel is operating annually and 5 kilometers of darkness and cold will rattle your nerves! We will reach Dushanbe - the capital of Tajikistan - by the lunchtime. At the evening we are going to have a walk around the park with the highest flagstaff holding the flag of Tajikistan (165 meters long!). Overnight hotel.

8. Dushanbe - Kalaikhumb 360 km

We continue our motorcycle adventure and are heading to the southern side – Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous province. Today we will get very close to Afghanistan and follow its border, where Panj river will separate us from Afghan villages. Local people still live there the same way they used to hundred years ago. We will perform traditional washing ritual under Ali mountain waterfall on motorbikes, which is falling down the rock of 40 meters height. We are going to arrive to Kalaikhum kishlak by the end of the day, where cozy rooms of a guest house are already prepared for us. Overnight guesthouse.

9. Kalaikhumb – Khorugh. 280 km

Today we will go through legendary Pamir highway (M41) on our motorcycles , which was built in the 30-s during USSR times in order to develop Pamir area. It is one of the most unique mountain roads in the world that goes through such forbidding terrain. You are going to visit several Tajikistan kishlaks, where local people, especially local kids, will welcome you gladly with heartwarming handshakes and entertain you with different fruits. Overnight guesthouse.

10. Khorugh

Day off and acclimatization period. Early in the morning we will visit "afghan bazaar”, which is opened only during the weekends, when Afghanistan people are allowed to enter Tajikistan in order to sell products made in Afghanistan. Mainly it is clothes and souvenirs. You can also buy jewelries at Horog factory with local precious stones and visit Botanic Garden. The day will be finished with dinner and exclusive concert of local Pamir musicians with traditional instruments. Overnight.

11. Khorugh– Bibi Fatima hot springs(Yamchun). 180 km.

We are still following on motorbikes the border with Afghanistan. Pamir highway keeps up abrupt coast of Panj river, separating us from Afghanistan. We will climb over Yamchun fort and reach 3 200 meters altitude. Here we are going to catch an amazing view of Afghanistan valley at Wakhan Corridor and swim in the sacred waters of wonderful Bib Fatima hot spring. Overnight guesthouse.

12. Bibi Fatima hot springs(Yamchun) – Murghab. 260 km

Today we will reach kishlak Murghab – the heart of high-mountain Pamir. We won’t go down 4000 meters above sea level. Most of the way is following mountain roads. Hargush (4 344 m) and Nazaitash (4137 m) mountain passes, as well as endless Alichur valley with grassing yaks are waiting for you. By the end of the day we will reach Murghab - the highest kishlak on Pamir. Overnight hotel.

13. Murghab – Osh city 450 km. (Subject to change)

Early wake up and off we will continue our motorbike tour on Pamir Highway! Be ready to go through the highest mountain pass in USSR and Central Asia – Ak Baital mountain pass, 4 655 meters high and Kyzyl -Art pass (4280м). From the side we will look at  the famous Lenin Peak (7134m). We will go over the most rugged mountains of Pamir and reach warm and bright country of Kyrgyzstan. Stopping at Osh city, which is situated in the middle of Fergana valley. Ancient Osh city used to stay on the Silk Road and it is the second most populated city in Kyrgyzstan after Bishkek.  Overnight tent.

14. Osh – Toktogul Lake. 282 km

After tough Pamir, Kyrgyzstan is a pure paradise. Beautiful green mountains, gorgeous mountain passes with good roads. We will cover Fergana valley that provides fruits for all over Central Asia and taste it on our way through the valley. Our hotel is situated on the Toktogul Lake , where we can swim for a while. For dinner, fresh trout from the lake. Overnight resort.

15. Toktogul Lake – Bishkek. 340 km.

Our motorcycle tours passes through a colorful mountains of Tien Shan. Crossing Kyrgyz ridge through Alabel (3184m) and Too - Ashuu tunnel (3685m) passings. Arrival Bishkek – capital of Kyrgyzstan. Walking through the city. Overnight hotel.

16. Bishkek - Issyk Kol Lake. 268 km.

Today we will continue our adventure . After Baom Gorge we will stay on the coast of Issyk-kul - the "Pearl of Central Asia”. A unique mountain lake that is situated at the altitude of 1 609 meter above sea level, included in the list of 25 the biggest lakes in the entire world and take the 7th place in list of the deepest lakes. It is 702 meters deep. 100 of rivers fall into the lake, but there are no rivers flowing out of it. We will spend the whole day at the resort, enjoying beautiful water, taking sun bathes and just relaxing.

17. Issyk Kol Lake - Charyn Canyon. 272 km

We have to leave beautiful Kyrgyzstan and cross the border to be back to wonderful Kazakhstan. We are going visit amazing Charyn canyon and climb down to the bottom of it, where we will spend a night in real yurts – traditional houses of nomads. The whole time we will be surrounded with fantastic flower and mystical rocks of ancient canyon.

18. Charyn Canyon– Almaty

Our great journey on motorbikes is about to finish; full of unforgettable feelings we are going back to the most beautiful city of Central Asia – Almaty. We will celebrate our successful tour in the restaurant, where you will be given certificates and presents as keepsakes of the tour. And after, let the party begin!

19. Almaty

During this day you may take a rest in your hotel room after heavy party night or just have a walk around the city and buy some presents for your friends and family. After the lunchtime we will meet up and visit Arasan bathhouse, the biggest one in Central Asia. Enjoy hot sauna, relaxing massage and cold beer. Thus, all clean and rested, you are ready to come back home.

20. Departure Almaty. 

We will organize transfer to Almaty airport according to your flight time.

Have a save flight! Thank you very much for being with us during this tour! You are always welcome here to take part in another fascinating motorcycling tour around Central Asia!

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