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Goodbye asphalt! Hi, off-road! Salam Alaikum steppes, sand dunes and mountains!
Nomad Enduro Tour - a unique motorcycle tour for fans of off-road and Free-riding. Why is unique? Because during 7 days you will riding on the enduro motorbike and feeling the unique landscape: Kazakh steppe endless flat , the sands of Tau-Kum desert, hills, rocky ridges and green alpine meadows Zaili Alatau. And all these are on ancient trails of nomads. Wildlife, a national food, overnight in the yurts (nomad's home) and enduro motorbike - all in the Nomad Enduro Motorcycle Tour in Kazakhstan!
You are the one who is going to experience this beautiful journey on a motorbike!
To become the real nomad!
P.S. We do not describe some places and roads on our website because it is exclusive part of our itinerary and commercial secret.

Motorbike Enduro tours in Kazakhstan.

Duration: 9 travel days, 7 riding days
Country: Kazakhstan. Almaty region.
Start/Finish: Almaty. South capital city of Kazakhstan.
Total Distance: 1800 km
Bikes: Suzuki DR650SE
Roads: about 80% - sand, gravel, dusty steppe roads, country roads, dirt roads.
Accommodation: twin room in hotels (3 nights), resorts (1 nights), guesthouse (4 nights).
Group size: min 7 and max 10 riders. 2 seats for passenger in car support.
Date: 04.10.2024 - 12.10.2024
Price - contact us
Tour price includes: motorbike Suzuki DR650SE, car support, tour-leader on the bike, all stays, all meals, all entry fees, third -part inshurance, airport transfer, SilkOffRoad souvenirs.
Tour price excludes: damage deposit $500, damage of motorcycle, single room, flights, visas and visa support (if required), insurances
Requirements: driver's license with motorcycle category, age not less than 25 years, a lot of endurance, very high offroad driving skills, especially on the sand on such bike like Suzuki DR650SE because its wight 180 kg, readiness to have unbelievable adventure with lots of surprises on the way, physical strength and pure optimism, respect laws and culture of local people.
1. Almaty.
Arrival and meeting at the airport of the city of Almaty. Transfers, hotel accommodation. City tour in Almaty: 28 Panfilov Park, Medeo skating rink. Lunch in a restaurant of traditional Kazakh cuisine. After a dinner it is high time to get acquainted with us to discuss our journey and check the motorbikes. The rest time till supper you can stay at the hotel or go for a walk by yourself. Welcome dinner in the evening. Then you return to the hotel and rest. Tomorrow the motorbike's freedom!!

2. Almaty – Aral-Tube village. 320 km
Let’s start! A little bit patience and we are already in the wild Kazakh steppe – Karaoy plateau. There is a plain, endless steppe! Enjoy the free ride on enduro motorbike! There is the only border – between the sky and the earth, between the speedometer pointer and your courage. After lunch the main obstacle the Taukum desert. It's 100 km of hot sand dunes! For nomad is a trifle. Especially, when it is waiting for a cold beer in the evening. In the evening we stay in comfortable homes located in the tourist base. This is a true desert oasis. There is a sauna (if you're still cold)), pool, swimming in river, music, beer and tasty food.. cool rest!!

3. Aral-Tube village - Kapchagai Lake. 230 km
In the morning we will continue our enduro motorbike tour. Today we will drive on our motorbikes along the Ili River - the largest river in the region and one of the largest rivers in Kazakhstan. One of the river routes of the Silk Road. This day will be hot and long. A variety of roads as sand, salt marsh, gravel, etc. But in the evening we will enjoy in nice resort on Kapchagai Lake.

4. Kapchagai Lake - Altyn Emel National Park. 200 km
We will continue our motorcycle offroad adventure. Today we evade the civilization. From this place you can meet only nomads on horses, living in yurts like many years ago. Then we go through the plateau Kokhan. It is a hilling steppe along the range Kaprek. Till the midday we get to the Altyn-Emel pass and have a dinner – a delicious mutton "shashlik” – it will be cooked for us by local family right near the road. Till the evening we stay at the night in the guest house at the territory of the Altyn-Emel. Here, at the huge distance from the civilization, in a cozy house of the Kazakh family you can have a rest and drink cold beer.

5. Altyn Emel National Park - Charyn Canyon. 250 km
In the morning we will continue motorbike enduro riding. The Altyn-Emel reserve is the huge strictly protected territory. Only with us you can go through this territory and see all mysteries of this unique place. At first we go to listen the Singing Dune. From that place we get to the Aktau mountains. Aktau Mountains look like the piece of Mars landscape on the Earth. Till the evening we get to the Charyn canyon. It’s most famous place in Kazakhstan. Here in the coolness of the river canyon we stay at the night in the bungalow. Fantastic night!

6. Charyn canyon - Kulsai Lake. 120 km
We continue our motorcycle adventure and leaving the landscapes of plain steppes and red mountains behind, we go to the cool kingdom of green fur-trees and high mountains of the Ili Alatau. Our climbing begins from the pass named "Wolf’s Gates” through the Toraigyr Mountains. In some places there are no roads, there are only the direction with sharp stones. Here you should hold the wheel firmly and not reduce speed if you do not want to get in the bushes. Cold beer and the fattest bit of meat will be waiting for the one who can hold at the bike and can ride it well by the jeep. We hope for it). In the evening we get to the Kulsai lake. We spend this night in the warm guesthouse which is surrounded with the Tyan-Shyan Mountains.

7. Kulsai Lake – Asy plateau. 60 km
Today we go through 3 mountains passes: Alabital, Bakaly,Asy and Sarytau about 2500 m range and force the Asy river. Abrupt winding roads will lift us on Asy plateau which is the paradise on the Earth. The Asy plateau is the largest high- mountain summer pasture in the country. There is a blue sky and green meadows. This is created especially for relax. You can lie on the grass, breathe with mountainous air, drink beer and enjoy the moment until we get to stuffy city jungles, because our tour comes to the end. This night we stay in yurts of hospitable shepherd Kajrat under the bright starry sky of the Kazakh earth.

8. Asy plateau - Almaty city. 120 km
We are on our enduro motorcycle again and go through the Turgen gorge where the civilization’s signs can be seen. We have a dinner at one fish restaurant where we taste mountain trout.

In the evening we meet all together at the restaurant to celebrate the end of our tour, exchange with photos and we give you the presents and the souvenirs.

So, these are only the main features of our tour. You must have in mind that all these places are united with the unique route including sand, gravel, clay, grass, bushes, stony cliffs, mountainous serpentines, rivers and forests, which cannot be described in the tour programs. It is also impossible to describe the drive and all those pleasant feelings which you feel yourself during the trip. To feel it, you must arrive in Almaty and come to us. Trust us. Nobody except us can escort you among the secret paths of the great nomads.

9. Departure Almaty
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