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Motorcycle rental in Tajikistan

Why do people rent motorcycles from us?
  • Unlimited mileage
  • We provide a simple and reliable Japanese bikes like Honda CRF250 and Suzuki DRZ400S which have proven themselves very good throughout our long experience.
  • We carefully monitor the technical condition of our motorcycles and making maintenance check after each tour or rental period. It's timely changing the engine oil, filters, tires, chains, sprockets and brake pads. We use only the original Japanese parts for our bikes.
  • We provide tools, spare clutch cables and lever, spare front and rear tubes, pump and the necessary tools to repair of puncture tires.
  • We provide a full package of documents.
  • we help you create original route, book accommodation, arrange airport transfer etc..
  • With our bikes you can be sure and ride safely as on the roads as on off-road.
Take your available bike!

Motorcycle motorbike rental in Dushanbe Tajikistan.


Price per day
Damage deposit $1000
BMW GS650F Sertao

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Full set of vehicle documents for self drive.
  • Tools

  • Any damages
  • Damage deposit $500
  • Fuel
  • Insurances
Motorcycles can be used only on the territory of Tajikistan
Price per day
Damage deposit $500
Price per day
Damage deposit $500
Price per day
Damage deposit $500
- submit and coordinate your itinerary with us in advance
- driver's license with motorcycle category
- age not less than 25 years
- driving experience of at least 3 years
- have skills to repair the tube wheels puncture and care motorcycle
Attention! Before renting a motorbike for independent travel (especially alone), you must understand and consider the following points! Here on the roads of Central Asia are not any motorbike's workshops and even in any cities! There are hospitals only in large villages and cities, the distance between which can be long. Some road distances are deserted and there is no mobile connection, not knowing the English by locals. So You should only rely on yourself.
If you do not have enough experience and skills for own trip , we recommend you to take part in our guided tours or hire a guide.
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